Sale packages

The purpose of the Scatolificio Artigiano is to support businesses during the creation of the final element of the products with an impressing packaging, by finding innovative ideas regarding not only the protection of the content but also the evaluation of the external appearance, in order to make a high quality product out of it.

We produce handy and elegant tiny cases, which are perfect for containing every kind of product and for their sale and marketing.
We are flexible and creative and we use these features both in our projects with companies and retail clients. For clients working in the field of clothing or food and beverage we make many kinds of products, using a wide range of materials with different properties. It includes finer types of paper, fabric papers, card boards made with vegetal and recycled materials: the choice is extremely vast!

Of course, in this particular case the customization process is even more important: our sale packages can be decorated with brand colors, images of the products, textual elements and all kind of details the client will think are necessary to get a unique and original packaging.

To get further information about our sample cases packaging or an evaluation of the costs, please feel free to contact us.