Ground exhibitors

Each ground exhibitor can be customized following the client’s will trough personalized graphic project. Ground exhibitors will enhance all kinds of products: our displays can have different dimensions, both personalized or standard.

Our exhibitors own all the elements which can be useful for highlighting the products in every shop and store: they are stable, easy to place, and they are made with great attention towards quality of materials and variety in shapes, characteristics that makes them perfect for exposing products better.

The Scatolificio Artigiano mission is to support companies during the creation of the final component of a product with a high quality exhibitor. This takes place thanks to the continue effort we put in finding ideas which are always innovative: they must be capable not only of keeping the products organized, but also of enhancing it once they’re exposed.

To get further information about our ground exhibitors and displays or an evaluation of the costs, please feel free to contact us.