Food and beverage

With our proved experience in the field of packaging we can assure you that having a quality wrapping adds surplus value to the product itself: if the container or the external wrapping is carefully made and foreran by an accurate study of expert in this field, it becomes a primary element in advertising the product and the brand itself. Our packaging and boxes can contain all kinds of food and beverage goods, of every dimension.
After meeting the client and studying his demands and expectations, the Scatolificio Artigiano thinks about the best way to find the most efficient shape and the elaboration technique which better contributes to reach the goal and final result.

We propose a wide range of dimensions, models, materials, and colors, which are absolutely customizable according to the client’s ideas and requests. For example, with a high-quality material you’ll highlight and add surplus value to your luxury products, so that the client will be able to justify a higher price compared to the similar products with an average packaging. Furthermore, we make special packaging for two or three bottles together.

Thanks to the high quality boxes with tiny windows placed on the side, the client will enhance and expose in a convenient way the bottles, not only because this adds more safety and support to the goods, but also because at the same time it gives a correct packaging by using innovative materials.
For what concerns protective wrappings we use single and double waved carton board, which can add a solid structure to the product’s wrapping and make it safe, but at the same time it has an ornamental function.

To get further information about our food and beverage packaging or an evaluation of the costs, please feel free to contact us.