Clothing and accessories

With its high quality boxes, the Scatolificio Artigiano wants to highlight and to add surplus value to your luxury products, so that the client will be able to justify a higher price compared to the similar products with an average packaging. The Artisanal Box Factory wants to be extremely creative and flexible when faced to the client’s requests: we collaborate both with retail companies and the industrial sector.

Our boxes and wrappings are suitable to every kind of goods, such as clothing, belts, jewels and so on. We don’t just produce packaging for exhibition but also for transportation of the products. For what concerns protective wrappings we use single and double waved carton board, which can add a solid structure to the product’s wrapping and make it safe, but at the same time it has an ornamental function.
Our packaging wants to communicate each element of the products which is contained in it, not only the physical but also the emotional ones, in order to gift the client with a 360-degree experience. A great example of our offer is the following: marvelous boxes for shirts and chemises, other than for leather accessories.

To get further information about our apparel and accessories packaging or an evaluation of the costs, please feel free to contact us.