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For those who do not work in the sale of products, the so-called packaging It could be an element of the second floor. In fact, we the Scatolificio Artigiano who operate in the paper packaging in Pesaro for more than 20 years, we know that this is not just containers or enclosures to protect iprodotti.

The packaging, intended as outer protective casing, such as a container or like support structure (for example a floor display or counter), has a determinant value in the success of a product that will certainly influence the amount of sales. With our proven experience, we can assure you that having a quality packaging adds value to the product itself: if the container or outer casing is made with care and a careful study of professions in the industry, it becomes an element essential to promote both the product and the brand itself.

The colors, the external forms, stylistic details and particularities of a packaging can attract the eye of the consumer in the store, and give the potential buyer a first idea already in the moment preceding the purchase. For this reason the construction of a cured packaging worthy of your product is absolutely necessary, and not a detail to be left to chance: it will be a valuable source of distinction and differentiation for you and your brand, especially if they operate in a difficult and highly industry competitive.

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The Scatolificio Artigiano specialized in paper packaging in Pesaro, supports its clients with its team composed by great and professional experts in the field of packaging. 

In order to fulfill the client’s expectations, we try to offer solutions which are always new and in line with the times responding to standards of high quality and variety, and we offer these services for a very competitive price, so that can you’ll be able to afford a really good looking packaging for your product. 

We are a business you can rely on, a precise and contemporary one, and we are always ready to offer you the solution that answers better to your requests, thanks to our equipment pf precise, versatile, and high-tech machinery, capable of realizing any packaging product.

The Scatolificio Artigiano invests a lot of resources and efforts in the production process and our experts use last generation software and machinery, with the purpose of offering punctual and precise services. In case you want to benefit of the customized graphic it is possible to ask for a preview via e-mail before the production has started. 

If you wish to have more information or to ask for an evaluation of the costs, feel free to contact us (it is absolutely free of charge).


Our products

With a high quality material, you emphasize and add value to a luxury product, for example, to even justify a higher price than the competition and a
a packaging "average."
Paper and recycled materials are used by all companies as the main mission they have respect for the environment, already communicating through the outer case that the product is manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and respect for
the nature and the environment.
An innovative and technological super will instead need forms unusual and highly innovative materials.
With twenty years of experience award in the paper packaging in Pesaro, Scatolificio Artisan is able to meet all these requirements (and more) thanks to the wide range of sizes, models, materials and colors of our products, all completely customizable with the ideas and demands of the customer.
The goal of the Box Factory Artisan is supporting companies in the creation of the final component of a product with impressive packaging, always finding innovative ideas that not only protect the content, but it can also enhance the aesthetics
Outdoors, for high quality products. Everything starts with an idea which then turns into the project: first of all the measures of the box or package must be defined and the design and any color that will be imprinted on the surface.
Here's an example of products that we have: the products for storage of documents and the like,
exhibitors and floor displays, containers for clothing and accessories, special packaging, exhibitors and counter display boxes and containers for food, boxes and tool boxes, sample port, gift boxes and for the sale etc.