Scatolificio Artigiano in Pesaro

Paper and packaging both for industries and retail sale

The Scatolificio Artigiano in Pesaro has now worked in the field of paper and packaging for two decades, but the enthusiasm and the desire for improving are just the same as they were at the start. The experience we gained through the years of work allows us to satisfy every request of the client.

The Scatolificio Artigiano makes every kind and combination of box, exhibitor, binder, document filer; we propose ourselves as an ideal partner both for industries and retail sale. Your projects will be created using the most diverse materials: from the simple cardboard to the finest ones, and even the vegetal and recycled cardboards. Naturally we constantly update our work in line with the technologic innovation, and, furthermore, the production and delivering times are very short, despite the high quality standards.

Our packaging wants to pass down every single element of the product it contains, not only the physical but also the emotional ones, in order to gift the client with a 360 degrees’ experience. Regarding our production, such as the relationships we have with our collaborators, suppliers and clients, our major goal is frankness and for this reason we are keen on taking care of every step of the communication and production process. This goes with the supreme attention towards the environment we try to maintain, other than the continuous improvement and evolution we try to pursuit for our business.

The Scatolificio Artigiano wants to create perfect packaging that can enhance the product to its fullest and can protect it. For this reason, the business invests a lot of resources into the production process, and our expert team uses state-of-the-art machinery and software, which grant punctual and precise services. In case you wish to ask for the customized graphic service it is possible to demand a preview via e-mail before the production has started.

The purpose of the Scatolificio Artigiano in Pesaro is to find out a solution which is always new and unprecedented, capable of showing the client’s ideas and requests. With great experience and passion for our work, we always look forward improving ourselves and outdoing our previous results.

We are flexible and creative and we use these features both in our projects with companies and retail clients. We create many types of products, such as boxes, exhibitors, folders, document filers, stretching within a wide range of materials which have peculiar characteristics and grant the best performances.

From the single-waved to the double-waved carton board, from simple printing to high-quality color printing, our offer also includes finer types of paper, fabric papers, card boards made with vegetal and recycled materials: the choice is extremely vast!

To get further information about our products or an evaluation of the costs, please feel free to contact us.

You’ll find us in Via Divisione Acqui, 23 a Pesaro
Phone: +39 072 1281976
Mobile: +39 3601060436